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  • Does Flip It® only work for people working in cubicles?
    No, Flip It® has an adhesive bottom so that it can be adhered to the top of a monitor, top of a cubicle wall/frame, or to a desk. ​
  • Can I get my company logo put onto Flip It®?
    Please email us for a custom quote. Minimum order is 500.
  • My company is nationwide and we have thousands of employees. Is there a discount if we purchase a large qty?
    Yes, please email us for a quote and please include the quantity your company would like to purchase.
  • What is Flip It made of?
    The Flip It® cards and base are made of “non-toxic” plastic, the adhesive on the bottom is a 3M® permanent adhesive, and the rings are made plastic.
  • Will the words wear off the plastic?
    No, the words are silk screened on the plastic and that part of the card is generally not touched enough to wear off.
  • Will the adhesive really hold, or will it fall off?"
    The adhesive on the bottom of the unit is a permanent glue and it will hold the unit in place and the unit will not fall off.
  • What if I want to move my Flip It®, will the glue stick a second time?"
    We strongly suggest you decide on where/what you want to adhere it to before attaching the unit, as the adhesive is permanent and is very hard to remove. If Flip It® is to be used company wide, we suggest an office manager choose a location, so it is in the same place for every employee.
  • My question is not on this list. How can I contact you?
    Please email your question to us at and we will reply with the answer and we will post it on this FAQ page, as others may have the same question.
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